How to Use a Silicone Steam Diverter on a Pressure Cooker

Step 1: Locate the steam release valve on top of your pressure cooker.

Step 2: Tilt the steam diverter and slide the steam release valve into one of the holes on the diverter.

Step 3: Turn the steam diverter to direct the steam in your desired direction.

Steam Diverter Tips

  • Make sure the steam release valve is hooked through one of the holes on the diverter. This will prevent the diverter from falling off while steam is released.
  • It is best to direct the steam away from cabinets and walls if possible.

Cleaning Instructions for Silicone Steam Diverters

The silicone steam diverter can be washed by hand using dish soap and warm water. Be sure to scrub the inside of the diverter to remove any food odors. These can also be washed in the dishwasher.